Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day!

On Christmas day Brian and I showed up at his parents house aroung 830ish to open presents and have breakfast with his family. Here are a couple pictures
This is what the presents looked like before we opened them :)

After we were done opening presents we headed home to get ready to go to Brian's grandmas house for a Christmas day get together. Here are some more pictures that are in the slide show from the get together hope you all enjoy them!

Christmas Eve

Every Christmas eve we gather at the Maxwell house for some pretty regular traditions. We normally start around 5:30 with dinner which is always amazing. Then we go caroling as a family to a couple neighbors. This year Brian and I did not attend the caroling session I thought it was too cold and I didn't want to slip on the ice like I did last year. The last and final thing we do before the kids go down to the basement and start a movie is the nativity story. This year Brian was Herod here is a picture of him.

Peter and Sarah were the wise guys aka wise men :)

Liz and Eric were Mary and Joseph

Anna, Emily and I were the angels

Karen was a shepard and Ana and Martha were her sheep

and of course last but not least Cory was the narrator

It was a great night! I can't wait for Christmas eve this year so we can do it all over again :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lights at Temple Square!

For family home evening we went to Ihop with Brian's family and then Brian, Peter, Peter's friend Anna, and I went to temple square. So here are a few pictures

Friday, December 19, 2008

Some Christmas Pictures from Work

Here are a couple pictures from work.

This picture is of course my desk which I totally covered with tissue paper.

And then I thought I would add our work Christmas tree which I helped putting up since I am part of the committee who decorates around the office :)

Last but not least here are some pictures of the car my table made at our work winter party. Here is some background on the way things are set up at my work. We have different areas where people sit and we call those neighborhoods. Then each neighborhood comes up with a name and our neighborhood is called The Hood. Which is why the activity for the winter party was to pimp our cars. So here are the pictures.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas season is finally here!

Christmas time is actually my favorite time of year. I mean I love Halloween and all with the kids dressing up, but Christmas is even better. I love the feeling in the air. Everyone should enjoy Christmas. If I could I would make Christmas all year long.

The true meaning of Christmas is remembering our Savior Jesus Christ, and it seems everything going on is something Christ would appreciate.

- Giving to others..
- The kindness people show around this time of year.
- All the family time.
- Singing Christmas songs in church. (My favorite)

Christmas around the Maxwell house has started off well. I actually started decorating my office desk 3 days before Thanksgiving. I bet you are thinking hmm Thanksgiving hasn't even happened. I know trust me my fellow co workers were thinking the same thing. I was really excited though :). I did try to decorate our house early too but Brian is a bit of a scrooge no decorating before Thanksgiving. So I ended up decorating on Thanksgiving night. Here are a few pictures of out tree and of course our fire place since we finally have one!