Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cory Maxwell turns 59

My father in law Cory Maxwell turned 59 this year. It was such a great little dinner that we had for his birthday. Here are a few pictures from his b day!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

So I know I am not actually a mother of children. But I am a mother to my cute little puppies. Brian tells me every time he goes to feed the dogs they always look for me because well he doesn't feed the dogs that much and they seem a little confused when he does it. I do kinda feel that Mona our puggle is totally my baby though. She is not as big as izzy our beagle and she just loves to be where i am. So since I am a mother to cute little puppies my husband did get me some great gits for mother's day. He first bought me a coach wallet to match my coach purse he got me for my b day. Then he was so super sweet and bought me a cute little camera it can connect to wifi and it is so small I love it!

Now lets move on to my mother. I am so lucky to have her as my mom. She is so kind, sweet, understanding, caring, loving, wonderful mother! I really don't know where i would be without her. She raised me to be the woman i am today and I have to say she has done a great job with all of her children. I am so lucky to have a mother who loves the gospel and who raised me in this wonderful church and for her to have such a strong testimony of the church. Not everyone out there has that and I was that lucky. How can i ever repay my mother for joining the church and bring the gospel into my life.

Another great mother in my life is my mother in law. She is such a great mother in law! She has raised 8 wonderful children and have also taught them so many things. I am so glad I married into this family and I have to say that my mother in law did a great job raising my husband!

The day was just like any other to tell you the truth for me. I didnt want to go to church because it is just so hard to be there on mother's day. But I did attend the Maxwell mother's day gathering. It was so much fun to see everyone in the family. We had a great meal prepared by Brian's aunts and his mother! They always do a great job! Here are some pics from that day.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

More Weight watchers

So I have not updated in awhile about weight watchers. I have not really lost that much weight since the last time I updated. Right now I have lost 35 pounds. that is still great I know but the reason for the not losing has nothing to do with stopping it has to do with a pregnancy and a miscarriage. So It goes back to to the end of march that is when i found out i was pregnant. Everything looked good until some blood work before an ultra sound showed that my hcg lvls which are supposed to double every 2-3 days were not going up correctly. I was preparing for bad news. The ultra sound we had early was to confirm the baby was in the correct spot and not in the tube or somewhere else because of my history of ectopic pregnancy. So during this time i was stressing and that is kinda where the weight just kinda stood still. By the 25th of April it was a confirmed miscarriage. So now that has happened we are back on our journey to lose more weight. I am even more determined to lose weight. I need to catch up from not losing anything in april. So bring on may and all that comes with it :).