Monday, June 27, 2011

our puppies!

I have not blogged in a long time about our cute puppies.
Mona is getting a lot bigger she is not as big as Izzy and I really don't think she will get that big. But she is big enough to beat Izzy up lol. OK not really beat up but she does a pretty good job getting on Izzy's nerves. Sometimes I think Izzy loves her and sometimes I can tell Izzy hates her. Izzy is still really jealous of Mona when we are giving Mona more attention then Izzy. But Izzy loves to cuddle with us and Mona not so much. We love Izzy cuddles! We wish Mona would do the same but she is just so dang independent. I really think she gets that from the pug in her.

Here are some pics of them