Sunday, December 1, 2013

30 weeks

I can't believe I have made it to 30 weeks. I only have 10 more weeks and then we get to meet this little guy. We have had a lot happen since the last time I posted. My mother came into town and while she was here we had our family baby shower. Everyone was so generous to show up for it. I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family! We also had a 3D ultra sound while my mom was in town so we were able to see this little guy again. I will post some pics from the shower and ultra sound. I have also been taking some pics on the bump since I was about 20 weeks so I will also add those too. This little guy is going to have so many people around him who love him so much! I wish Feb 9th would get here already!

 The baby shower!

 this was 24weeks4days
 this is 27w3days
 this is 28w3 days
 this was thanksgiving day and i was 29w4days
Well that is all for now. I know i am really bad at blogging but I hope to be better when the baby comes :)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Our 20 week Ultrasound

We had our 20 week ultrasound last Wednesday. I totally have been a little busy and haven't been able to blog about it. They told us that baby boy looks healthy. It was so great to see our little boy again. Here are some pics from the ultrasound.

Here is anice head shot of little boy :)

here is a foot

here is a hand

another hand here :)

and another profile shot
We have 18 and 1/2 weeks till we meet this little guy!

Friday, September 6, 2013

We are Having a BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It all started with my laying on those uncomfortable hospital beds. The ultra sound tech is sitting there and she is going over the different things she is seeing. The first thing she saw was a perfect profile picture of my little boy, Oh how great it was to see him again. If you don't already know we have seen this little guy 7 times now :) The nurse went on saying oh there is a hand, a foot, and then she paused and looked at me. And she was like do you wanna know what you are having and by this time Brian was looking at the other monitor and could already tell what we were having and i told the tech YES! we want to know. When i heard those words come out of her mouth that it is a boy I was so excited I cried! I have been waiting to hear what we were having for a very long time. Oh what a joy that we are bringing this little boy into our family.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The day we found out we were pregnant

So as a lot of you may already know that we tried for over 4 years to finally get pregnant with this baby. It was such an exciting day when we found out. I went to the hospital to do blood work and I was so convinced it was not going to work this month for us. Brian kept telling me to just test with a pregnancy test (we even had one at home) but I refused to use it because I didn't want to waist the test. So I get home and logged in to select health to look at my results. I totally had to take a double look. I even had to confirm what day it was just to make sure it was correct. To give you a little info on hcg blood work. Hcg is the hormone that detects that you are pregnant. So your hcg should be over 100 when you test 14 days past ovulation. Mine was 233! I was freaking out. I was like BRIAN I AM PREGNANT!!!! Just yelling that through the house. I pick up my lap top and run in the other room to show him. We have never had it this high so early in any of our previous pregnancies. It was the biggest shock that I have had in a long time.

Right now I am sitting here two weeks from finding out what we are going to have. I am so excited to see this kid again. I still am shocked that I have gotten to 15 weeks. I know I have a long way to go still. But to make it this far is just awesome :) Feb could not get here fast enough.

Monday, August 12, 2013

We're Having a BABY!!!!!!!!!!

We are so excited to announce that are having a baby! Right now I am currently 14 weeks. I am just getting out of the first trimester and I could not be more happier :). I did have a pretty bad first trimester and I am glad that I finally made it to the second. We still have some ways to go, and I am looking forward to each milestone in the pregnancy. Next up will be finding out what we are having. We just can't wait till then :)

here is the most recent ultra sound I was almost 12 weeks. I know the next one we will be able to see a lot more :)

Friday, January 11, 2013

Storm Gandalf

So it sounds like the weather channel has decided it is also going to start naming snow storms. We just got our first big snow storm of the year and it is called Gandalf. I woke up t his morning to 15 to 18 inches of snow, by far the most I have ever woken up to since I move to Utah 9 years ago. I have taken a few pictures from my town home so you can see what I woke up to this morning.